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Moi Watson MSc Equine Behaviour, Performance and Training and Masterson Method Certified Practitioner (MMCP).
Moi’s love of polo, developed during a 30 year Army career, led her on a journey of finding a non-invasive way of rehabilitating the equine athlete, seeking a way to work with the horse as an active partner rather than a passive subject. 
Moi studied for an MSc, attended anatomical dissections and studied and qualified in the Masterson Method to offer a bodywork and straightness training service to help you help your horse.
Moi has completed modules of the Equitation Science International Diploma adding instruction of fundamental horse riding skills, instruction of advancement of recreational horse riding skills and training horses in-hand using the principles of learning
to her services.


From The Horses Mouth

Thank you so much to Moi of Unlock Equine who captivates horses and humans alike with the Masterson Method technique. Her "spooky" fingers impress me more each time I see her as the horses let go of tension, adjust and come out more supple, relaxed and easy in themselves afterwards. As a WOW Saddles fitter, I completely get that we owe it to our horses to make them as comfortable, supple, balanced and loose as possible. That's why we have, as a valued member of David Britnell Eventing, Moi from Unlock Equine. A little of the Masterson Method she uses is easy for me to play with too as, using the bladder meridian exercise for example, is completely non-invasive and safe. Anton, one of our Novice eventers, is naturally on high alert and yet he relaxes totally with this technique. I find it fascinating.
Dawn Britnell
Dawn thanks Continuity (Brad) at the end of the dressage phase of Badminton 2019
Moi at Unlock Equine has provided myself and my mare ‘Cheques‘ with hours of patient support enabling me to manage Cheques both on the ground and ridden with greater confidence and helping us to develop a secure bond. Cheques is an opinionated mare but Moi has found the way to help her use herself more efficiently and shown me how to get the best out of my girl – I really enjoy our sessions which are tailored to meet specifically our needs, Cheques has shown huge improvement in flat work and I learn something new each time!
Victoria Fell & Cheques
Harvey has always found it hard to relax and can be quite tense in his flat work. Moi, using Masterson Method bodywork, has a fantastic in-depth understanding of the horse's anatomy, and is also an experienced horsewoman, which has been great when treating Harvey who isn't always easy.
Tara Staff and Shakespeare in Love (Harvey)
"The masterson method ® techniques work on the whole horse releasing deep seated tensions to allow relaxation and enhance performance"
The Masterson Method ®
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