Services & Pricing

The Masterson Method® Bodywork Session £55.00

Initial assessment and introducing techniques to the horse.

Craniosacral Technique Therapy Session £55.00

Initial assessment and introducing techniques to the horse.

Training for Straightness and Posture £55.00

A demonstration of suitable exercises with your horse.

Straightness Rehabilitation Session £55.00

After vet advice, a progressive plan to aid recovery.

Mileage, travel & Important Information

Discount for more than one horse at the same yard. 
Mileage charged at 45p per mile (first 25 miles free). Discount for multiple horses at the same location or within 5 miles.

Important:  Equine bodywork is not a substitute for veterinary care. It is intended to support comfort, relaxation and therefore performance in the healthy horse or as part of a planned rehabilitation. Any health concerns should be referred to your vet.

Masterson Method Q&A's

What do you do?

I use Masterson Method bodywork to identify areas of restriction in the horse’s body and then release the held tension with a series of light techniques centred on the poll, the shoulders and the pelvis. 

How long does it take?

A session can take anything from 20 minutes to an hour – average 45 minutes –  depending on how the horse responds and they all react differently. As Masterson Method deals with the nervous system, a horse can “zone out” and take time to process the differences it is feeling in its body so there can be periods of what looks like inactivity. A horse can also take at least two sessions to understand the changes the bodywork brings.

Can I exercise/ride my horse daily?

A bodywork session is energetic and emotionally challenging for horses and ideally they should have 24hrs before working, preferably turned out, to let their nervous system adjust. It is also better to do the bodywork before the horse has been exercised if at all possible, and after about an hour if they have been exercised to allow them to cool down and have a normal heart rate.

How often can you treat a horse?

I would recommend that the maximum would be once a week for a performance horse in work or a horse in rehabilitation. Once a fortnight could allow differences to be seen in performance and once a month would be beneficial for all round maintenance of a fit and healthy equine body. CAUTION: A horse’s response to the release of tension in the shoulders/wither may require a visit from your saddler.

Training for Straightness and Posture Q&A's

what do you offer?

A series of exercises including pole work, lunging with two reins and in hand work to allow the horse to become as straight as possible to compliment bodywork sessions on areas of restriction.

can you help with rehabilitation exercises?

If your vet has recommended in hand work to help your horse recover from an illness or injury, I can help with a progressive series of exercises with or without poles to improve your horse’s straightness, flexibility and dexterity.

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